PCT 56

East London
Retaining Wall on a steep slope. Soil was
in-filled on the South side causing severe damp problems. Thirty litres of PCT
56 utilised to rectify the problem.
 East London 
Town House Rain was penetrating from the
weather side. Two litre of PCT 56 per unit solved the problem.
Due to excessive rising damp the plaster had
deteriorated to the point where we had to re-plaster the wall a 4 to 1 plaster
mix was used and when dry we applied PCT to the walls both inside and outside .
No Problems to date

Paving : The client has just laid down 80 sqm of paving pct
was used to seal the paving the client was amazed at how no water penetrated
into the pavers when pct had cured

 Travatine Tiles : 280 sqm of travatine was sealed at
ebenhauser guest house the client was looking for a sealer that would leave a
natural finish as he did not want a glossy finish we did tests on a tile to establish whether PCT would work as travatine is porous PCT penetrate and the
tile where successfully sealed.

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